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The Hungry Bear is a blog by two people, not one bear.  The cutesy name is the brainchild of a full three minutes of furious late-night brainstorming by the two constituent parts (you didn’t really think that one of us could eat the amount of food that is mentioned in the reviews, surely) of the eponymous Bear.  The Bear doesn’t have a name, but in the interests of right-on political correctness and so as not to offend anyone (yes, the Bear is a part of the North London liberal mafia) it would of course have to be gender-neutral.  Like Hilary.  Or Ashley.  Or Nigel.

By day, the Bear has a normal job.  By night, the Bear – like anyone else – needs to eat, but sometimes doesn’t want to cook.  The Hungry Bear is just our way of sharing those restaurant experiences and documenting them so that we don’t forget where we’ve been, and to give us an outlet to share our writing with an audience.  We are humbled that anyone should want to read our half-baked regurgitations masquerading as valuable opinions, and even more humbled that anyone should wish to comment on them.  The Bear never went to catering college nor did it complete a journalism degree, and if the Bear opened a restaurant, nobody would eat there.  Not even the cubs.

The Hungry Bear,
Somewhere in North London,

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